Tom D. Chambers

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The Burger Experience

Developing an immersive eating experience

Fly fly away

Use your voice to make a butterfly move


A simple mood tracker on iOS and web


An online mood changing tool

Space Cannon

A web game played using the phone's gyroscope


Web gallery of photo and video

An Infinite Number of Things

A markov chain based web toy

Club Photon

A game taking photos with disposable cameras

Heartbeat Jumper

Visualising your heartbeat

Living Portraits

A home for a video portrait


Automated online dating

Migration Map

A LED map for Shuffle festival showing migration patterns

Silver Burkas

An experience of anonymous meetings

Unusual Noises

Being confronted with something unheard of

Box of Wonder

A high tech fortune cookie

Who's afraid of Canary Wharf?

A situation highlighting pseudo-public space

Art Hackathon

A hackathon where people made pointless things

Mans Briefcase Falls Open

Over and over

Fake signs

I am the council

Emotional Mirror

Reflecting back your emotional state